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110 BPM01:54
joyful hollywood string cascades and sweeping brass bring forth an epic orchestra sound combining the grand royal anthem and a classic christmas carol with angelic singing, rising strings and magnificent timpani explosions, 110 BPM
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80 BPM02:25
calm, quiet opening of floating strings and choir graciously humming a christmas tune. the magical season of wonder and miracles. strings come alive @ 1'11 leaping of joy. bold brass beautifully rising, wishing merry christmas to all, 80 BPM
90 BPM01:59
stern woodwinds accompany cheerful strings as they hop across the rocky stream, playful beginnings lead into a dramatic orchestral adventure, 90 BPM
70 BPM02:36
epic christmas awakening. sparkling. tubular bells are heard during this holy season as strings climb steadily and snow falls thick. dramatically picking up epic momentum and grandeur. dubstep spiral drops @ 2'01 opening to a grand orchestral finale, 70 BPM
140 BPM02:07
Hollywood Christmas celebration, ostinato string staccatos rising, building, pulsating. Cinematic drums, gliding violins, twinkling piano, shooting synth stars. Santa's coming to town, G major, 140 BPM
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