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84 BPM02:57
A very special performance of the beloved Christmas hymn featuring warm harmonium, magical chimes, cascading banjo and gentle bass. Beautiful male and female voices delicately deliver an intimate, stirring vocal performance. Reverent and angelic. Holiday - Christmas - Traditional, Bluegrass. 84 BPM. Vocal
65 BPM04:09
Naked version. Warm male singer-songwriter vibrations accompanied by open-tuning guitars. A high-pitched yet ever-so-tender female voice wailing, creating magic folky floatation, 65 BPM
164 BPM02:44
Breezy, folksy female vocals express affection and joy while strumming acoustic guitar, deep bass, light drums and warm keys round out the heartfelt vibes in this optimistic indie nu-folk tune. Version - Full
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