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120 BPM01:41
Enchanting and graceful orchestral waltz with soaring strings and tubular bells perfect for that magical fairy tale ending
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70 BPM01:41
Orchestral - Romantic - Comedy. Light, yet mysterious feature. Full Mix.
70 BPM02:30
This track in 6-8 time has you under its spell right from the beginning with the charming sound of the celeste. The strings create a lot of movement and excitement after the intro while the female choir draws you deeper into this fantastic world. The energy of the track increases with every second. A break @01:29 with a slow build gives you a breather before the grand finale. 70 Bpm. Full Mix.
95 BPM02:51
This track catches you with its magical touch. A bright and playful piano along mallets play a curious melody while the strings and the woodwinds build an exciting velocity. When the strings start to play the lead @00:53 the song takes off and soars over the rooftops while it thrives with energy and cheer. 95 Bpm. Full Mix.
144 BPM01:57
Orchestral - Romantic - Comedy. Playful, then mysterious piece with brass and woodwind leads. Full Mix.
95 BPM01:53
cautiously treading, tinkles, melancholy woodwinds, strings, children choir. unsure what to expect. uncertainty, hope. determined drums lift spirits. home is where the heart is, E minor, 95 BPM
119 BPM02:21
A hint of mystery from the woodwinds and bells begin this orchestral version of a Holiday favorite. Version - Full Mix
136 BPM01:56
This track is a rollercoaster ride through magical places. Starting with strings and glockenspiel it enchants you with its charming orchestral attire with brass, harp and timpanis taking you from tranquil situations to more vibrant and lively settings @00:59. Enjoy the exciting dynamic going up and down and all aound in 3-4 time. 136 Bpm. Full Mix.
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