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90 BPM02:56
Energetic. This song is in a get up and dance 50's swing style. A moving bass line and a foot-tapping swing beat combine with doowops and harmonies. Playful scatting at 1:51, and at 2:08 bass drops out, then joins again at 2:21. Holiday - A Cappella. Full Mix.
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97 BPM02:01
Fun arrangement of this Christmastime favorite. Clopping beat and jingle bells keep time as vocals sing exhilarating harmonies. Cool pause at 1:34. Holiday - A Cappella. Full Mix.
130 BPM03:02
Untraditional. This piece is eniticingly different from the traditional carol. Fun bass line and syncopated beat keep up energy throughout the song. Interesting variation on melody at 2:00. Holiday - A Cappella. Full Mix.
100 BPM01:37
Funky twist on this Christmas traditional. Syncopated beats mix with crisp rhythmic vocals. Melody sung with bops and bahs. Fun change on melody at 0:45. Holiday - A Cappella. Full Mix.
150 BPM02:37
Sincere. Begins with guitar like background and a little country style in the lead vocal. Grooving beat. Background vocalists give a little extra flavor with "hallelujahs" at 2:11. Holiday - A Cappella. Full Mix.
134 BPM03:11
Vocal - A Cappella. This tune needs you like a candle needs a flame. And you need this tune like the ocean needs a floor. Itthe perfect cure for a bad day with irresistible beats, happy melodies, and fun harmonies. Listen for cool vocal whooshing of wind sounds. Full Mix.
75 BPM02:38
Vocal - A Cappella. This tune will melt your heart. Silky smooth vocals, happy beats, and sweet ooohs and ahhhs bring the love. Check out some sophisticated scatting at 1:15. Full Mix.
84 BPM04:07
Vocal - A Cappella. This tune is so sleek you wonbe able to resist clapping along. Soothing harmonies and fluid effortless vocals will hypnotize you. Climax at 3:00. Full Mix.
119 BPM04:18
Old traditional love song of bad blood in the people of Penrhyn. Domestic Violence in couples.
162 BPM03:08
Vocal - TV, Film. Vocal variations. Purely vocal recording.
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