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81 BPM02:49
Grandiose drums and distortion guitar form a highly aggressive vibe over which rousing vocals develop in this heavy metal track. Version - Full
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92 BPM02:33
Intense distorted guitar and drums create an energetic vibe in this wild angsty heavy metal cue featuring aggressive male vocals. Version - Full
157 BPM02:59
Pounding drums and aggressive distorted guitars form a highly grandiose vibe over which emotional vocals develop in this rocking heavy metal track. Version - Full
90 BPM02:28
Energetic, heavy and fierce guitar and bass riffs and pounding drums with slick, metal vocals and creepy whispers. Version - Full Mix
82 BPM03:26
Heavy and aggressive with complicated, choppy riff lines and dark melodic vocals. Version - Full Mix
75 BPM03:10
Angry and pissed off sounding hardcore rock with low guitar riffs, driving drums and vocal screaming. Version - Full Mix
154 BPM02:35
Simple male vocal and guitar slowly build with added grunge bass and guitar feedback effects before launching into a heavy pounding Alt Rock chorus with cool, busy tom drum fills.
125 BPM02:02
Indie - Pop. All over this tiny planet, long after most have gone nighty night large groops of teens gather in crowded, cement walled basements and damp warehoused. Their fists clenched at their side, heads hung low with anticipatory sweat already glistening on the brows and arms. Cue the music Maestro. 125 BPM. Full Mix.
184 BPM03:30
Fast and furious, this epic piece features reckless guitars taunting beefy, untamed drums, that are lead to destruction by an edgy male vocal. POI @ 2:17 ferocious guitar solo. Another shot of whiskey please! Rock - Hard Rock, Alternative. 184/92 BPM. Full Mix.
172 BPM03:12
This edgy pop-punk track features rousing drums, confident vocals, and lively guitar melodies that produce an exciting, rebellious sound. Version - Full
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