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74 BPM04:34
Emotional male vocals yearn for a lover who has left, hoping that he returns, with expressive guitar, piano and strings adding to the melancholic mood in this subdued pop folk tune. Version - Full
85 BPM03:30
Exhilarating and thrilling alternative rock featuring passionate male vocals guitars and strings building to create an inspiring uplifting mood by UK festival indie band Common Tongues. This debut album was recorded with producer Gavin Monaghan (Robert Plant, Kings Of Leon, Paulo Nutini, The Editors).
74 BPM03:32
This emotional, anthemic pop ballad expresses loss and yearning through powerful male vocals, soaring strings, rich synths and resonant piano progressions. Version - Full
61 BPM03:09
Atmospheric male vocal with ethereal delayed guitar. Emotive with beautiful melodies
120 BPM03:12
This indie electro track with a hybrid organic and electronic arrangement features a poignant male vocal and a swaying electronic beat. Version - Full
75 BPM03:02
Hypnotizing retro electro/pop tune with intense synths, light drums, pulsing bass, and emotional male vocals charged with a powerful message that invites you to take a breath and enjoy life.
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