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98 BPM02:11
Profound bouncing wonder brass in 6/8 time. Jazzy. Catchy. Soulful vocals, casual, funky. American holiday joy deluxe, B-flat major, 98 BPM
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111 BPM01:57
Soul - Retro - Funk. Get lost in this classic mid-tempo, Memphis soul gold nugget. Kicking off with boisterous bass and thick drums then quickly jumping right into funky guitars, tight brass and growly, playful sax. Thick R&B organ and an ascending brass section take you even higher! POI @ :54 solo section with guitars, sax, piano and organ that all vamp out the retro soul goodness you're looking for! You need this! 111 BPM Full Mix
152 BPM02:20
Drum fill intro, high-end 80's New York big band fusion-jazz over a funky shuffling backbeat. Virtuoso brass scales. Saxalicious. Grooving to the max, G major, 152 BPM
106 BPM02:03
Soul - Retro - Ballad. Bedroom eyes... Romance oozes from this beautiful soul ballad. Laid-back drums and warm bass lay down a relaxed rhythm while smooth brass and enchanting guitars turn the lights down low. Piano, organ and sax sparkle up the sonic palette and turn up the magic! That's right baby... you know I love you. 106 BPM Full Mix
130 BPM01:36
A bright-eyed, affectionate sounding track with a smooth operating horn line. Passionate sounding with a sentimental feel and ringing glockenspiel tones creating a magical moment.
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