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76 BPM01:53
The Christmas spirit is literally high in this bouncing lo-fi hip hop instrumental, with jazzy female vocals, piano, bells, upright bass and drums combining with grooving beats. Version - Full
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86 BPM01:57
A lo-fi sample featuring upright bass, horns, piano and drums emerges to be joined by grooving hip hop beats in this jazzy trip hop instrumental, with holiday vibes radiating from every beat. Version - Full
82 BPM02:34
Grooving jazz drums, swinging cymbals, electro claps, warm upright bass. Hollow Hip-hop backbeat, tinkling piano loops and solos, brass stabs. Too cool for cats, 82 BPM
77 BPM01:31
A lo-fi sample of jazzy electric guitar, upright bass and drums sound out a rendition of the Christmas classic 'Up on the Housetop' while mellow hip hop beats add a trippy, modern twist to this trip hop instrumental. Version - Full
67 BPM02:33
It's time to chill when this track hits the speakers. A laid-back 90s drum beat meets modern synth pads that give this song a dreamy West Coast vibe. Female vocal accents complement the mellow synths. The sound of a clock adds another interesting rhythmic element. 67 Bpm. Full Mix.
77 BPM02:27
A smooth saxophone lays down the familiar melody of 'God Rest You Merry Gentlemen' while cerebral hip hop beats along with jazzy drums and piano emphasize contentment and merrymaking in this chill lo-fi hip hop track. Version - Full
75 BPM02:40
Dreamy hip-hop heaven featuring delicate music-box droplets, vinyl-style piano loops, off-beats, vibrational echoes. Deliciously soothing, 75 BPM
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