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120 BPM01:48
Climb aboard this refreshing and inspiring cinematic piece, flying high with pulsing strings, playful bells and whimsical brass that eases into a wonderful soaring orchestra, airy woodwinds and crescendoing percussion creating an uplifting, heartfelt piece full of magic and beauty. Wings of Romance! Romantic - Comedy - Fantasy, Romance. 120 BPM. Full Mix
90 BPM02:32
You made it to the church on time! Beautiful, celebratory bells announce your joy while soaring choir, melodic piano, stately strings and lively woodwinds walk down the isle. POI @ 1:10 proud brass and orchestral percussion add power as this heartwarming piece surges to a climactic, elated finish. Romantic - Comedy - Orchestral, Fantasy. 90 BPM. Full Mix
128 BPM03:16
Sustaining tones and subtle brass themes create anticipation, followed by rhythmic, passionate strings, soaring orchestral arrangements and sweeping choir that ramp up the energy in this building, anthemic orchestral cue. Version - Full Version - Full
112 BPM01:39
An easy going musical Fantasy with a triumphant feel. A flute melody plays over a light string bed then shifts to lush strings over quick, yet soft, brass stabs. The song is finished with long string and brass crescendos, gong hits, and rattling high pitches. Version - Full Mix
134 BPM03:44
Heroic brass and powerful percussion combine with rousing string arrangements to generate anticipation and excitement in this awe-inspiring orchestral composition, with an emotional refrain adding depth in the second half. Version - Full Version - Full
126 BPM01:49
Lush orchestra depicts a story of wonderment, light-hearted thrills and triumph. Soft melodies counter sharper, heavy orchestral movements resulting in a heartwarming climax with a victorious feel. Version - Full Mix
120 BPM02:03
Discover the hero within! This uplifting and compelling adventure/fantasy epic soars high with magnificent strings, powerful brass, racing cinematic percussion and magical bells. POI @ 1:03 empowered brass takes the lead with a dynamic, jubilant performance. Positive and majestic. Adventure - Fantasy - Epic - Trailer, Film. 120 BPM. Full Mix.
79 BPM02:01
Wondrous and intriguing with lots of adventurous musical twists and turns. Sweeping woodwind and string lines build to a magnificent climax with thunderous percussion hits. Version - Full Mix
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