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75 BPM02:47
Fast staccato sequences dancing in asymmetric lines of 7/8 time like a neo-classical ballet. A battery of miniature ballerinas pirouetting in nuclear precision. Heavenly melodies of prepared piano shine on top of the unreal scenery, C minor, 75 BPM
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114 BPM02:52
The art of dreaming. Jingling metals rest on a bed of electronic flowers. Bass tones driving. Little pipe organ reeds piping. Fairy dust and a hint of funfair within, D-flat minor, 114 BPM
100 BPM01:05
High synth ticks like a clock over lush tension building strings with big drums joining in. Version - Full Mix
75 BPM00:30
Commercial, Promo, Trailer, exciting rhythmic marimba- and xylophone theme with modern sound texture, playful, energetic, organic, vivid, motivated, determined, subtle tension, medium up tempo. Commercials, Jingles, Visionary, Inspirational - Drama, Visionary, Inspirational. Full Mix
88 BPM01:08
Ambient steel drum is joined by other mysterious metallic and bell melodies over string chords and low synth tones. Version - Full Mix
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