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105 BPM02:25
An edgy rock-infused track to fuel the most raucous rivalry. Edgy Drums, gritty synths, and an energized electric guitar lead mix with stomp-clap breakdowns. POI @ 0:11 Energetic electric guitar lead begins. POI @ 0:18 Slow airy riser reverberates out to silence. POI @ 0:29 Huge drums impacts punctuate a muffled sub bass line. POI @ 0:49 Raucous percussion grooves support an edgy synth lead line. POI @ 1:07 Three massive hits introduce a gritty electric guitar lead. POI @ 1:25 Club breakdown and searing riser slowly build into a smooth downer. POI @ 2:00 Massive drum fills cut to reveal a deep sub downer. POI @ 2:06 Frantic bursts of percussion and synths reverberate out. POI @ 2:14 Soft swell into airy final impact.
126 BPM02:01
Time is ticking, you have to make the decision now! This tension-rising track turns suddenly into an underground club atmosphere. Perfect for an electrifying trailer.
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