No Use

Álbum: Swamp Rock

No Use
Título No Use
Nombre del archivo IND037_02_No Use_30 Seconds
Descripción Driving blues with electric guitar, upright bass and saxophone - up beat and toe-tapping
EscritoresTobias Tester (PRS) 100% [495505135]
EditoresIndiesonics (PRS) 100% [751539433]
PPM 94

Morning light has a razor's edge
I held it tight in last nights tears
wipe it dry on a dirty sleeve
I got no more use for it

A distant light from a midnight train
rain drops dancing on a window pane
no two ever remain the same
well I got no more use for them

Snow fall down by the rivers edge
I'm like a tail whipped trout in a keep net
frozen tears in a tea stained stream
well I got no more use for them

I got no more
I got no more use for them

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