Álbum: Swamp Rock

Título Saltshells
Nombre del archivo IND037_30_Saltshells_Sting
Descripción Laid back guitar blues with saxophone and grungey bass
EscritoresTobias Tester (PRS) 100% [495505135]
EditoresIndiesonics (PRS) 100% [751539433]
Tempo Slow
PPM 76

I've got salt-shells snickered in a side-by-side
Hunkered down by the tractor where the diesel ran dry
I've got 36 cans on a fishing line
And i heard somebody moving down the valley by the tree line


Parked outside in a rainstorm
You're blowing smoke rings out of the window
Lipstick filter tips
Flipping me a middle digit
Reaching for the ladder
While you're hitching up your fishnets
I put the 50's in a paper bag and the key to the register
On my way sneaking round the back
Now i'm looking at the water running down the lawman's badge

You used all your wishes on an empty well
Now you're pissing on your slippers in the local jail
You're a raindrop clinging to a rusty rail

There's a light in your eyes like the spark off a weld


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