Iridium Rewired

Álbum: Wired - Eleven

Iridium Rewired
Título Iridium Rewired
Nombre del archivo MCMW011_65_Iridium Rewired_Main
Descripción This remix version of "Irridium Main" kicks off with a drone, electronic drums and stutter edit effects that create a unique, mysterious mood. The main riff enters at :33 and continues to the end, supported by a low drone. Instrumental. Remix version.
EscritoresChristopher Hanson (ASCAP) 50% [342787442]Michael Standal (ASCAP) 50% [347533454]
EditoresHanson And Standal Productions (ASCAP) 100% [1663937]
ISRC QM-QHE-14-00165
PPM 98

Versiones alternativas

Synth drones and dissoant rhythmic edit effects add to the eerie feel of this track. Instrumental. Remix 30 version.
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