NBC Annie Live!

WCPM Custom Joins Warner Chappell Music for NBC Annie Live! Promos

WCPM joined forces with WCM recently to help NBC promote Annie Live! which aired Dec. 2nd. WCM provided licenses for two songs from Annie while WCPM’s custom team created inventive new arrangements of the songs for co-branded promos with Fisher Price and Walmart sponsors.

In a piece that’s gone viral, WCPM recreated “Hard Knock Life” using all Fisher Price toy instruments. See for yourself why it’s taking over the internet!

WCPM Custom also re-imagined the popular song, “Tomorrow,” for a promo featuring kids singing in classic show tune style as they excitedly anticipate Christmas Day. Check it out!

Do you need a custom track? WCPM’s custom team is ready! Reach out to info@warnerchappellpm.com or use our site chat feature any time and let's talk!

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